Trace the movement of the Holy Spirit as the Great Commission is carried out across the world

(available in print October 2018)

(available in print October 2018)

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From the back cover:

Come along for the ride on this road trip adventure that traces the movement of the Holy Spirit as the Great Commission is carried out across the world. We’ll start on the day of Pentecost, when the Spirit of God descends on believers, and end up in the homes and churches of the revolutionary believers of today.

This study, which contains 9 units and 61 lessons:

  • details the history of revival.
  • follows the path of the Gospel as it travels westward from Jerusalem to Asia Minor, Africa, Rome, Europe, America, China, the Land Between the Walls, and then returns to Jerusalem in the final days.
  • explores the historical, political, and social issues surrounding key moments of revival.
  • discusses influential leaders, theologians, and everyday people God has used to bring about revival.
  • includes discussion questions for personal or group study.

The thought-provoking message of Chasing Revival, along with the history it reveals, will challenge the way you think about revival and the role you play in it.